Superman Returns

I had met Coleen Atwood  on a Disney production I was working on. She was already a famous costume designer and I liked her style. I could not afford her for the whole production, so I asked her if she would work with me on the concept of this new production. She accepted and I discovered a very talented and wonderful lady to work with.

Later on she called me and asked me to work on the next Superman with Nicolas Cage as the lead actor. We worked on pre-production for a couple of month until a few days before production started. Suddenly, out of the blue Coleen called and said . “There are problems between producers and the production is canceled”. We were all bummed out, but that’s what happens in the movie industry sometimes.
A year later Coleen called again and we were on the next Superman Return with Brandon Routh as the lead. It went through. I was asked to engrave and co-fabricate the shield, buckle, boots and cape of the iconic Superman suit.