Wonderworks, a set construction company in Los Angeles, asked me to cut and engrave the interior of Apollo 13 cockpit. They brought me plans from NASA on long rolls of paper. From there I had to measure, cut and engrave a very large quantity of panels that were to be assembled on the cockpit structure. We used a special grey and white vinyl material to do the job. The quantity of work was increasing by the day as Wonderworks was bringing more drawings regularly.
I was getting married during those same days. The job was under lots of pressure because the set needed to be completed and the work kept pouring. I got married on a Sunday and on Monday morning I had to go back to the shop to finish the work. My dear ex wife Kathleen Lyons who was my wife and work partner never forgive me for dropping her the day after our wedding to go work. She is right, specially that finally in the middle of the work I was late in presenting my invoice and part of the job was actually never paid. It did not happen often but sometime it does.
Nevertheless the experience was stressful and hectic but the satisfaction of completing such a job was extremely gratifying.