ANTOINE BONSORTE, audio visual producer and renowned designer, has worked in USA, Europe, South America, and the South Pacific. He began his career in interior design and remodeling with such projects as the Museum of Human Sciences in Tahiti, the remodeling of numerous stores and residences and the fabrication of several furniture lines.
In the United States, he has exercised his creativity for the benefit of the film, music, entertainment and hospitality industries, having designed for feature films, television, commercials, hotels, casinos, theme parks, and special events.

Mr. Bonsorte’s passion for craftsmanship and his dedication to innovative, unique design have earned him assignments from numerous major corporations, such as Armani, AT&T, Coca Cola, Ford, Honda, General Motors, LA Gear, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, MCI, Miller Brewing Co., Mobil Oil, the New York Times, Nissan, Sony, Toyota, and UPS to name a few.

His credits include films such as Apollo 13, Batman, Casino, Deep Impact, Independence Day, Mighty Joe Young, President’s Day, Star Trek Voyager, Stargate, Star Wars, Terminator, Minority Report, Artificial Intelligence, Memoirs of a Geisha, Superman and more.
Television programs such as Star Treck, Baywatch, Babylon 5, Days of Our Lives, Deep Space Nine, Saved by the Bell, 24 and more.
Hotel and casino projects for the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, Borgatta Casino in New Jersey, Sandals Hotel in the Caribbean and more.
Theme park projects for the Walt Disney Company and Theme Park Productions, and special events such as Fire & Ice Ball ( designed by Armani the year before and Versace the year after) the James Dean Commemorative Stamp Ceremony for Warner Bros.
His work includes several
night clubs as the Velvet Room, The Factory, the RA night Club in the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.